3 Simple and Effective Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

A critical element to long-term success in any business is a sustained marketing strategy. This is especially important in the construction industry because you may only see the same customer a handful of times over several years, so you must continually work to attract new customers. Here are 3 simple and effective marketing ideas that can attract new customers without breaking the budget:

1. Improve your ranking in Google search.
Maximising your presence on Google’s search engine results page doesn’t just bring potential customers to your door, it can also keep them from seeking out the competition. Of course, page one is the Holy Grail of Google rankings, and for good reason: page one results capture approximately 75% of traffic. But, for construction companies, the competition for page one isn’t global; it’s local – a much more level playing field. As we wrote this post we performed a Google search for “construction companies Australia”. That search produced 3 local results at the top of the page, followed by 10 organic results, only 4 of which were Australian companies, and 1 paid ad. Can you see how fertile the ground is for you to rank on page one, either organically, with paid ads, or even both?

2. Nurture your existing customers.
Although you may only see the same customer a handful of times over several years, they are no less important from a marketing perspective. Remember, if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Ideas for marketing to current customers include:
Special offers to existing customers to foster additional business.
Regular follow-up via phone, text, email, or social media.
A referral program where existing customers receive a gift card, discount, or some other premium for referring someone who becomes a new customer.

3. Post job signs.
Never work a job without asking the customer if you can post a sign for passers-by to see who is doing the work. This idea is so simple, many companies don’t even think to do it, so this easy tactic could set you apart from the competition. Make this part of the standard checklist your crew completes on every job. Even if it only nets one new customer each year, it’s resources well-spent.
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