11 Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

You are already aware of the benefits of content marketing if you are part of the 88% of businesses that use it as part of their marketing strategy. Here are 11 ways you can keep your content on target to ensure it is being found and read by your potential customers:

Be in sync with your industry. Subscribe to industry newsletters and websites to keep on top of the latest topics that will be of interest to your audience.

Review your competition. What are the top-ranking businesses in your field writing? If they are showing up online for their content, consider mimicking their strategy.

Use headings wisely. In this fast-paced world, getting your message across quickly is crucial. Use your title and sub-headings to reveal the bare bones of your message.

Make it palatable. Format your content to make it appealing to the eye. Use short paragraphs and bullet points.

Add pictures and graphics. Images that represent what you are saying in words make it easier to grasp your message and more interesting to follow.

Use catchy titles. Readers literally have thousands of articles they can choose to read, so use exciting titles that make them want to click on yours.

Answer their questions. If you are frequently asked questions in person regarding your business, you can bet people are inquiring online with the same questions.

Use evergreen content. Once published, your content will remain online indefinitely, so make sure you offer plenty of articles that will be relevant far down the road.

Populate multiple platforms. Your readers use various methods to obtain their content, so make sure you show up where they are looking – on websites, apps, social media platforms and so on.

Employ keywords. Your customers use specific search terms when performing online queries, so use a keyword strategy in your content.

Add video clips. The best way to keep people on your website longer or to encourage content sharing is to use video clips of 1 to 3 minutes.
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