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    • Code of Conduct
      1. Registration for The Tradie Masterplan Live Event begins at 9:30am with the official kick-off at 10am. Please be on-time for the registration window.
      2. You must have your screens webcam on and a working mic in order to participate - no exceptions. You will be removed from the event if your screen is off, turns off, or audio isn’t working.
      3. Each attendee must have their own laptop/computer station in order to participate.
      4. Set aside a full day in a quiet room with zero distractions. Even if you go into the office, or rent a space for the day. You’re going to want to immerse yourself in this event and it’s content.
      5. Be back from breaks on time. We will have a visual timer setup during the breaks so you can see exactly when the breaks begin and end.
      6. Turn off your mobile during the live sessions - the Tradie Masterplan Live event is time for you to work ON YOUR BUSINESS
      7. There will be a 45-minute lunch break at 11:30am. We strongly recommend eating by or at your computer to ensure you’re back and ready when the next session starts.